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    Informațiile se îmbină cu natura: Povestea din spatele unuia dintre cele mai ecologice centre de date din lume

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    Aducem inovaţie.

    Și realizăm inovația la fiecare nivel, cu EcoStruxure™. Descoperiți modul în care Schneider Electric conduce o nouă lume a energiei prin produse conectate, control al vârfurilor și aplicații, analize și servicii.

    • Data meets nature Green Mountain case study

      Green Mountain puts the power of nature to use in their secure data center, deep inside a Norwegian mountain.


      • We are consuming data at an unprecedented pace: 3 billion Facebook videos viewed daily; 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every hour.

      • In today’s data-driven world, the uptime of colocation data centers – vast banks of servers that process everything from online videos to financial assets –  is essential.

      • Delivering secure and reliable data center services can come at an environmental cost though:  energy use in data centers today contributes to 2% of global CO2 emissions.

      • So how did one colocation facility, built in a former NATO bunker buried deep within a mountain, turn the tables and use the power of nature to become one of the world’s most reliable and sustainable data centers?



      Reliability and Sustainability with EcoStruxure

         Edge Control: Power Logic Controls
         Connected Products: In-Row cooling system, Scalable InfraStruxure

      • When Green Mountain decided to implement the idea of a green data center, they needed contractors and suppliers that had the most energy efficient and reliable solutions available in the market.

      • Schneider Electric handled every data center infrastructure aspect of the enormous project that included designing a cooling system that uses gravity to bring cold water from the adjacent fjord to the data center’s cooling station, deep within a mountain in a former NATO facility.

      • Powered by 100% renewable hydro power, Green Mountain supports the critical uptime needs of its customers, operating as one of the greenest data centers in the world

      • Part of their plan is to deliver a large ‘zero-emission’ facility.

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      • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools, control components and about 12,000 measuring points
      • Symmetra™ MW UPSs, Canalis LV busway, Prisma LV Distribution
      • SM6 + transformers
      • MV/Citect Scada
      • Uniflair™ technical room coolers, Infrastruxure™ hot aisle containment systems with in-row coolers and racks