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    Environment Leader’s Project of the Year: Shedd Aquarium

    In the first 18 months, Schneider Electric’s Building Analytics partnership with Shedd Aquarium resulted in enough energy savings to power 30 homes for a whole year.

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    Aducem inovaţie.

    Și realizăm inovația la fiecare nivel, cu EcoStruxure™. Descoperiți modul în care Schneider Electric conduce o nouă lume a energiei prin produse conectate, control al vârfurilor și aplicații, analize și servicii.

    • Utilizarea tehnologiei pentru a conecta oamenii și animalele. John G. Shedd Aquarium Studiu de caz

      Crearea și întreținerea mediilor în care oamenii interacționează cu animalele.


      • Shedd Aquarium is currently home to more than 1,500 species, including fish, marine mammals, birds, snakes, amphibians, and insects from all over the world.

      • In 2013, the aquarium committed to an ambitious goal of cutting energy consumption in half by 2020. Achieving that goal meant conducting extensive research and analysis to identify problem areas.



      Efficiency and Sustainability with EcoStruxure
         Apps, Analytics & Services : Building Analytics
         Edge Control: BMS, SmartStruxure
         Connected Products: SVFT Drives, Turnkey Solar Solution (256kW of solar panels)

      • The Schneider Electric Building Management System (BMS) allows Shedd Aquarium to manage everything inside the building from lighting, via life support systems, to HVAC.

      • Through detailed mapping of the BMS, Building Analytics evaluates all equipment that’s under the BMS’s control, looks for faults in process, maintenance, and repair, and then prioritizes those based on an energy savings value.

      • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are used for water, HVAC, as well as for life support systems to control loads.

      • Last but not least, a turnkey solar solution with 265KW of solar panels installed on the roof of the Oceanarium generates clean, renewable energy, and reduces energy costs.

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      • Energy cost avoidance and road map
      • More than 480,000 square feet of building
      • Energy cost avoidance and road map
      • Fine-tuning systems and equipment to save energy
      • Fault detection and diagnostics
      • Meaningful analytics and prioritized actions associated with measurable ROI