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How do I operate at optimum levels?
Your data center is up and running, but is it running optimally?  You need the ability to continuously maintain, operate, monitor and optimize the unique hardware and software configurations of your data center.



      Maintain - A comprehensive services portfolio is available to ensure your mission.  Critical applications receive the proper care and maintenance they need to operate at optimal levels, at all times.
      Operate - Multiple offerings based upon our proven methodologies and comprehensive procedures.
      Monitor - Continuous on-site or remote monitoring of your data center enables you to anticipate, identify, and resolve issues faster and with greater accuracy while retaining as much visibility and control as you desire.
      Optimize - Dial-in your data center for the highest performance and safety.

      Value Proposition

      We provide more services in this category than any other company
      Our expertise and efficiency in this phase is gained from our extensive experience assessing, planning, designing, building and commissioning thousands of data centers across the globe.  We provide on-site and remote resources to maintain, operate and optimize your data center infrastructure, not only for our products, but for every component in the rack, row and room.

      Differentiation Factors

      • We provide the highest level of service for all Schneider Electric data center products and solutions.
      • We maintain all of the infrastructure for you, including maintaining or managing maintenance contracts for third party products
      • We provide on-site and remote staff to operate and optimize the data center infrastructure.


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