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What are my best options?
Planning of a data center physical infrastructure can be time consuming and frustrating.  You need well defined requirements that can be quickly translated into a detailed design to avoid rework and delays.



      Our data center experts help you Plan your project using a simple, proven four-step process
      . Establish the six key project parameters that will control the system architecture:
      Criticality, Capacity, Growth plan, Efficiency, Density, Budget
      2. Develop the system concept:
      Choose a Reference Design based on the six key project parameters
      3. Incorporate your preferences and constraints:
      Identify, validate, and adapt your specific details to refine the system concept
      4. Determine the implementation requirements:
      Collect standards, codes, deadlines, resource assignments, and process requirements
      These combined outputs become your inputs for the Design phase.

      Value Proposition

      The principle of this process is to ensure that the right people are making the right decisions in the right order in order to maximize efficiency.
      A Business Need, from which is established
      Project parameters, from which is developed a
      System Concept, supplemented with validate
      User preferences and constraints, which are added to
      Implementation requirements

      Differentiation Factors

      • Simplify and shorten the planning and implementation process with our extensive collections of reference designs.
      • Execute best practices to reduce downtime risks for new and existing data centers.
      • Positive impacts on the project and the data center over its lifetime.


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