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Data Centres

Solutions for Data Centres


Data Centre Physical infrastructure for data centres greater than 1 MW capacity.

One company to call for the planning, design, build, remote monitoring, maintenance, and upgrade for the entire data centre.

Availability you prefer: N, N+1, 2N, or 2 N+1, with efficiency, density and scalability your business needs


    How Schneider Electric can help


    One unique Schneider Electric point of contact for the whole project.

    Relationships that complete the circle of industry touch-points to make your project a success.

    Availability you prefer: N, N+1, 2N, or 2 N+1, with efficiency, density and scalability your business needs

    Complete Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) - open, cross domain and vendor neutral interoperability enabling your data centre to be business-wise future-driven

    Thought leadership that steer the data centre industry

      Data Centres & Networks Solutions

      • Small/Medium Data Center
      • Large Data Center
      • Service Provider
      • Server Room Solutions
      • Network Closet Solutions
      • Data Center Life Cycle Services
      • Data Center Management Software (StruxureWare)
      • Prefabricated systems

      Server Room Solutions

      Unplanned growth, adoption of a private cloud, and changes in IT hardware make the server room a dynamic and unpredictable environment. IT managers need to deliver higher levels of availability and efficiency while meeting corporate desires for lower capital, operating and maintenance costs.

      Network Closet Solutions

      You need to maintain and increase the availability of your access to in-house and cloud applications while maintaining the speed and bandwidth of your network connection. Providing physical and environmental security, increased visibility through remote management, and proactive control over operations are your key challenges.

      Data Center Life Cycle Services

      Your business issues are unique
      The role that data centers play in your business success has never been more important. Data centers are dynamic and constantly evolving. You need a complete service solution to optimize your data center from planning to operations, regardless of where you are in the life cycle.

      Data Center Management Software (StruxureWare)

      Data Centers are challenged to plan, monitor, and operate the data center from server to rack to row to room to building. The complexity of implementing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software across functions is the most significant barrier to adopting an integrated, company-wide approach for sustainability.



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