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Large, Low Density Data Centre




  • Match IT capabilities with business needs
  • Improve Efficiency of an Existing Data Center
  • Add High Density Racks in a Low Density Data Center
  • Add Power and Cooling for Additional IT Equipment
  • Get Started Building a New Data Center
  • Integrate a Complete Data Center Facility Monitoring System
  • Implement a Data Center Consolidation / Virtualization Project



      • Cool up to 30 kW per rack with reliable, efficient chilled water.
      • Close-coupled chilled water modular architecture with economization is reliable and predictable in any climate.

      Value Proposition

      • OpEx savings - reduced total data center lifecycle cost up to 13% and 30% of data center physical infrastructure cost over 10 years
      • Faster from design to deploy - Automated planning and design tools, manufacturing in a factory vs field, out of the box management, solutions conceived as integrated systems, reference designs, global supply chain
      • Deliver up to 99.995% reliability - Easy to configure and deploy redundancy needed in power or cooling with sophisticated management software to insure your desired service level
      • CapEx savings - 10-20% through rightsizing

      Differentiation Factors

      • Minimize energy usage and operating costs by leveraging a chilled water facility module or shared building chiller
      • "Step and repeat" modular chilled water IT room and facility architecture that provides a standard approach for scaling the data center
      • A holistic solution approach that makes the connection from building to room to rack to row
      • Comprehensive management software -StruxureWare for data centers, that dramatically simplifies the process of managing data centers for high availability and efficiency
      • Single solution provider with the applied expertise at all levels of planning, building and operating large data center physical infrastructure


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