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Network Closet Solutions

Physical Infrastructure and Management

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You need to maintain and increase the availability of your access to in-house and cloud applications while maintaining the speed and bandwidth of your network connection.  Providing physical and environmental security, increased visibility through remote management, and proactive control over operations are your key challenges.



      A complete solution; racks, power distribution and protection, physical security, cooling and an integrated management system


      High-strength, space-optimized racks with unobstructed airflow, allow for easy install and access to switches and servers with high‑density cable management.  100% compatible with multi-vendor networking and server equipment.

      Security and environmental monitoring that stands alone, integrates into your BMS/DCIM or remote network management systems.

      Value Proposition

      Your network closet is the gateway to your business continuity and competitive advantage

      • Remotely manage your environment: security, power, heat and humidity
      • Mitigate threats and maintain availability during power outages, cooling failures, security breaches and floods
      • Protect access to your IT applications; on-premise or in the cloud, remote or local

      Differentiation Factors

      • World leader in network closet physical infrastructure
      • Integrated security and environmental monitoring
      • Pre-configured solutions: scalable, flexible, easy to order and fast to deploy


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