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Prefabricated Power and Cooling Data Centre Modules




You need to quickly deploy a power and cooling infrastructure for your data center that is simple, reliable and cost effective.  Your existing physical space is limited, the time and cost to build-out is prohibitive; with your future growth uncertain, a proven solution with a small footprint is ideal.



      Standardized, pre-assembled and integrated data center facility power and cooling modules are at least 60% faster to deploy and cost up to 30% less than traditional data center infrastructure.  Available in multiple power and cooling capacities that are ideal for your colocation, enterprise and cloud applications.

      Value Proposition

      • Quickly add cooling and power capacity
      • Dedicate power and cooling to the IT Room, not the entire building
      • Perform and deploy predictably
      • Leverage utilization of unused space to avoid delays and construction costs
      • Allows facilities to right-size as their demand fluctuates
      • Easily move power and cooling modules to new locations if your business physically relocates
      • Enjoy greater quality control - factory vs. field assembly

      Differentiation Factors

      • Built-in management software and control: StruxureWare for Data Centers
      • Standardized or customized to your needs
      • Global platform for worldwide consistency
      • Assembled locally all over the world
      • Global supply chain


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