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      A single supplier for new plants, modernizations and expansions


      Bărbat în fabrică cu schițe, producție industrială, industrie minieră


      Constructing a new plant or major expansion presents many challenges such as process complexity, tight budgets, insufficient local infrastructure, and lack of skilled labor. Global projects are even more complex as they require international coordination and an understanding of local requirements.
      Soarele apune peste fabrica, procesare minerale

      Our Project and Services Capabilities

      Value Proposition

      • Text implicit alternativ International Presence/ Local Coordination Schneider Electric has a unique global footprint that allows us to understand your local requirements and standards as well as properly manage your international projects.
      • Text alternativ implicit Many challenges/ a single supplier From surveillance to substations, few companies have the expertise in such a wide range of disciplines.


      • Pictograma albastră a timpului One of the oldest copper mines in the world has has been operating since 1910.
      • Pictogramă instrumente albastre Having a preventive maintenance program in place can reduce the risk of unplanned downtime by as much as 66%.