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    Weather decision support solutions for safer, more efficient travel

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    In the air and on the ground, weather means problems. Adverse conditions cause nearly 25 percent of car accidents and cost airlines and airports billions of dollars. Accurate weather insight is critical to mitigating the impact of these events.
    Întârziere a călătoriei pe timp de iarnă: îndepărtarea gheții de pe un avion în timpul unui viscol / furtuni de zăpadă

    Our Transportation Solutions

    Industry-leading weather forecasts, alerts, and sensors for the aviation and public works sectors

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Text alternativ implicit Better protect the public Schneider Electric’s weather decision support solutions can help you proactively plan for and respond to dangerous weather — ensuring safer travel.
    • Text implicit alternativ Reduce operating costs Efficiently manage weather events — before, during, and after a storm — with our accurate, industry-leading forecasts.


    • Pictogramă Blue Schneider One The industry’s independently-rated #1 forecasts for the last eight consecutive years.
    • Pictogramă fulgerul albastru We offer patented flight hazard forecasts for turbulence, thunderstorms, and icing.
    • Text alternativ implicit In the U.S., our forecasts are relied on by 50 % of the nation’s busiest airports.
    • Pictogramă albastră partener We are the only vendor to provide online consultations with professional meteorologists, 24/7.
    • Text alternativ implicit We offer exclusive, location-specific email and mobile weather alerts for the conditions that matter most to you.
    • Default Alternative Text Our critical weather is available anywhere — via computer, tablet, or smartphone.